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Contributor Guidelines

Boy and laptopChild's Play is a web-based magazine designed to provide inspiration and information about the whys and hows of play, and about how people of all ages can play together.

The audience is parents, educators, and anyone else working with children or having an interest in their well-being, as well as those adults who want to re-learn from children how to play more spontaneously. We believe that, for children, the best kind of play is child-driven, free-range, and spontaneous. And we seek to provide an alternative to the information found in traditional consumer parenting magazines.

What We're Looking For

We cover every possible aspect of play, including the benefits of play, both structured and spontaneous, and philosophical essays on the topic of fun. First-person essays are always welcome. Here are some of the topics we're currently working on:

  • Risk and play
  • Toxic toys, safe toys, no toys
  • Cooperative play
  • Active play versus being entertained
  • The merits of free play vs structured play
  • Dress-up fantasy play
  • Awesome play spaces
  • Giving infants time and space to play
  • Creative play
  • How (and how not) to play with your children
  • Favorite childhood games
  • Family play night
  • Digital play/gaming: the benefits and the concerns
  • The importance of playing in Nature
  • Getting outside with your kids
  • The problem with gender-targeted toys

Editorial Style

Since our readers live in various countries around the world, our articles need to reflect that. Please avoid using local slang or other terminology. Resources, where provided, should be as international in scope as possible.

We use gender-neutral language and appreciate our writers structuring their work to avoid referring to all people as "he." If necessary, accepted articles will be edited to reflect this policy.

We require accuracy. Please retain a list of references pertinent to your article, as well as contacts interviewed, in case we request them for fact-checking purposes. We also like to include sidebars with resources for readers who want more information, and appreciate it when writers provide some of those for inclusion.

Game and book reviews should be impartial and not written by anyone with a financial interest in the publisher, designer, distributor, or manufacturing company. Our articles do not promote products, brands, or companies, although authors may include a link in their bio, if appropriate.

Article length is flexible, but shorter is better for online publications. Minimum length should be 600 words.

How to Query Us

Query by email with an outline of a specific proposed article and a bit of background about you and your experience with the topic. We appreciate knowing if your article has been published elsewhere – either in print or on the web – in the past, or if you have submitted it elsewhere recently. We are unable to pay contributors but will provide a link to your website or blog, and are happy to barter for advertising. 

Articles are accepted for publication on this website. Writers retain all other rights to their work, and are therefore free to contribute their articles to other magazines or websites without our permission. We welcome photographs to accompany articles and require photo releases in order to publish photos of people other than yourself and immediate family.

If required, your article will be edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, space, and consistency with our editorial style. We may change the title. If major renovations are required, your article will be returned to you with suggestions for reworking.

We look forward to sharing your writing with our readers.

Contact Wendy Priesnitz, Editor by email:

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