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A free resource that provides inspiration and information about the importance of play to children's development, learning, and emotional health. We also explore how adults can learn from their children to become more spontaneously playful. So please join some of the world's experts on the benefits of play, as well as parents and educators, as we create the best play environments possible for our children (and ourselves!). And check back regularly, because we're adding new articles all the time.

school playground
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The Past, Present, and Future of the School Playground: School playgrounds present opportunities for learning, but it's not always been that way. Read more.

play gap
Photo © Providence PlayCorps

The Play Gap: In many inner city neighborhoods, playtime has become a fiction, in spite of its importance for childhood development. Read more.

skipping rope
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Skipping Rope: As parents encourage kids to spend more time playing outside, jumping rope is making a comeback along with other street games. Read more.

attachment play
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Attachment Play: Children play and laugh to connect, understand their world, release uncomfortable feelings from their bodies, and heal from stress and trauma. Read more.

playing with kids
Photo © Emma Marie Forde

The Benefits of Playing with our Children: The many ways we can connect with our children through play and, in doing so, have fun, heal, and deepen relationships. Read more.

Photo © Shutterstock

A Little Dirt Won't Hurt Them: Playing outside in the dirt might not be all that convenient for the parents who have to clean the kids up later, but there are many benefits. Read more.

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