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A free resource that provides inspiration and information about the importance of play to children's development, learning, and emotional health. We also explore how adults can learn from their children to become more spontaneously playful. So please join some of the world's experts on the benefits of play, as well as parents and educators, as we create the best play environments possible for our children (and ourselves!).

cooperative games
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Playing Together: When kids play cooperatively, they are developing social interaction and problem-solving skills, as well as communication and sharing ability, trust, and empathy. Read more.

dirt pile
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Three Ways a Dirt Pile is Better Than Toys: A child can have hundreds of toys, but a dirt pile can be better than toys in terms of engagement and enjoyment. Read more.

where kids play
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Where Kids Play: Playgrounds can be safe, fun places for kids. But they are constructed environments and kids also benefit from playing in the real world. Read more.

intergenerational play
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The Intergenerational Play Project:Tthe development of community-based experiential education programs in the art and wisdom of playing well with children. Read more.

games of shoes
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The Game of Shoes: A game with no real significance except the fun, which, from time to time reaches extraordinary levels, considering the sheer ridiculousness of the whole activity. Read more.

baby play
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Baby Play: Playing with our babies and toddlers is fun, but they don`t always need, or benefit from, our full-time entertainment. Here's why. Read more.

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