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A free resource that provides inspiration and information about the importance of play to children's development, learning, and emotional health. We also explore how adults can learn from their children to become more spontaneously playful. So please join some of the world's experts on the benefits of play, as well as parents and educators, as we create the best play environments possible for our children (and ourselves!).

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A Little Dirt Won't Hurt Them: Playing outside in the dirt might not be all that convenient for the parents who have to clean the kids up later, but there are many benefits. Read more.

playing with kids
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Playing With Children: Should You, and if so, How? Playing with your child is not “play” unless you are both having fun. Dr. Peter Gray tells how that can happen... and when it's not necessary. Read more.

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The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions: Protecting children can become over-parenting and lead to the poor design of playground facilities. A play expert delves into this complicated issue. Read more.

unstructured play environments
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Creating an Environment for Unstructured Play: What schools and communities can do to contribute to children's opportunities for unstructured, loosely supervised play. Read more.

just playing
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Just Playing: Play is children’s work and yet it is curiously undervalued in our society. Teachers are even reporting that some children seem to have forgotten how to play. Read more.

dress-up play
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The Value of Dress-Up Play: Dress-up play isn’t just fun for little kids, it’s an important activity where they use their imaginations, build vocabulary skills, gain confidence, and more. Read more.

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